When Sarah Melody discovered yoga was the way to manage her anxiety and depression, she knew she wanted to make it her life’s work. Her new studio, Anahata Yoga, marked its grand opening Jan. 23.

“I joined the yoga teacher training for myself to learn how to manage my own stress and anxiety, which stemmed from a combination of leaving a job where I was overworked and was compounded by a break up at the same time,” said Melody. “I never intended to become a teacher. By the end of the course I gained my self-confidence back and started to feel like me again, I started an apprenticeship which really allowed me to find my voice.”

In addition to offering a variety of classes for children and families, individuals can join in ‘soul flow’ (Vinyasa) to Motown, Indie and pop music; or check out the ‘MindFULL’ Monday or Friday; Wind Down Wednesday; Power Hour or try a restorative, Hatha Vinyasa class for calm and more. There is also a class especially geared to hips, which tend to hold stress and tension. Private classes are also available.

Having a community component was important to Melody and she wanted to yoga to be affordable for everyone. Pay it Forward is a Hatha-based class with meditation for anyone struggling with mental illness and wellness.

“We’re here to help – no matter your gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or income, everyone can use yoga in their life,” she said. “If you can’t afford the full drop-in fee this week or this month because life gets in the way, then no worries, pay what you can or the class is on us. This is our way of giving back to the community in a mindful way.”

Visit AnahataYogaFromTheHeart.com for Melody’s full story, classes and schedules, and more.


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