Long before the National Woman’s Hockey Team gained prominence in Canada, there was another group of women who changed sports history. Glory tells their story this summer at the King’s Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene.

It is the story of four friends who came together in 1933 to show hockey isn’t just a sport for men. And they succeeded through incredible odds, prejudice and personal strife, and in the middle of the Great Depression when money was scarce. Ontario’s Preston Rivulettes were undefeated in almost all games during the 10 years they played together.

“It’s an incredible story I felt need to be told and celebrated,” said Tracey Power, who wrote the script. “It’s very relevant with the folding of the CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League).”

The play premiered last winter during the women’s gold medal hockey game at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

In 1963, the Preston Rivulettes were finally recognized by Canada’s Hockey Hall of Fame. In 1996, the team was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and more recognition followed.

Power, who is also an award-winning actor, served as the show’s choreographer. She drew on a dance background to illustrate ice skating on a stage. The electro swing dance choreography, set to instrumental music from the 1930s,  bring the hockey games to life.

Power has loved theatre from the time she was a kid. She grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island, singing, dancing, acting and even ran a dance school. As a child, she loved to pretend and tell stories and was initially introduced to theatre at school. She was also influenced by her father, who would appear in community theatre shows.

All of it led to studying theatre at the post-secondary level in Edmonton. She started out as a professional actor, appearing in many plays that were not Canadian. It inspired her to write stories about this country.

Power wrote her first play in 2003-04 and more followed. Seven or eight to date have been produced. Common themes in her work are women’s stories that are unknown and/or haven’t been told before. She has always been drawn to Canadian history.

Glory features a cast of five, all new to Drayton Entertainment. The show runs from June 26-July 6. For tickets visit www.kingswharftheatre.com or call the Box Office at 705-549-5555.


A cast of five bring the Preston Rivulettes hockey team to life in on the King’s Wharf Theatre stage.

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