Wacky satire, witty humour and traditional fiddling at Mady Centre

Mark your calendar for some great shows this December taking place at the Mady Centre.

Talk is Free Theatre presents Candide which runs until December 2.

Candide takes the audience on a round-the-world romp of idealistic optimism as it clashes with a series of absurdly unfortunate events.

Throughout the course of the story, however, this hopefulness is constantly called into question as Candide is exiled, forced into the Bulgarian
army, caught up in the Spanish Inquisition, cheated out of a fabulous fortune, shipwrecked on a remote island, and generally torn
apart from his love.

Featuring a splendid score by the unparalleled Leonard Bernstein and a charming book by Hugh Wheeler, Candide is a witty and
wacky satire of a musical.

Next up is “Amuzi” – A night of laughter and music. In celebration of Christmas and to support the Barrie Food Bank, organizers have brought together the improv group “The Old Dance Hall Players” and the local band “The Mad Hatterz”. The show takes place Dec. 8. Non-perishable food donations are encouraged.

To make that weekend complete, The Great Canadian Fiddle Show which preserves and celebrates Canada’s rich musical heritage through traditional fiddling and step dancing perform on Dec. 9.  Visiting the breadth of Canada’s diverse regional styles, the show captivates audiences with energy and mastery.

Visit www.barrie.ca/TheatreTickets for more information.

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