The circus is coming to Barrie.

Vague de Cirque, the Quebec high-flying, club-juggling, rope-climbing acrobatic troupe, will perform their latest show, Barbecue, August 30-September 2 at Heritage Park.

Presented by the City of Barrie and La Cle d’la Baie, Vague de Cirque, which translates to Wave of Circus, has been performing for eight years and travels throughout Canada from May to October. This is the first time the company will perform in Barrie.

“We’re very excited about it,” said Noemie Gervais, Director of Vague de Cirque.

The shows are designed to appeal to all ages inside the tent, which seats 200.

Vague de Cirque will lead up to Celebrate Barrie, an event normally scheduled in June but which has been moved to Labour Day weekend as part of the Canada 150 celebration. There will be a two-day fireworks display set to music called Illuminate Barrie.

Onalee Groves, Manager of Culture for the City of Barrie, said Vague de Cirque is “wholesome family entertainment” with bits of comedy, acrobatics and magic.

“I just thought it would be a really neat thing to have a big-top tent at the end of the summer,” Groves said. “I just think it’s a unique experience for the City. They move into town with a whole caravan of people, so it’s kind of this gypsy approach to entertainment. They put up the big top. We just have to provide physical support.

“We had a big tent on the waterfront years ago with Theatre By The Bay, which did Shakespeare plays. I just like having a venue on the water.”

Gervais said her company was formed because of a dearth of circus-type shows in Canada, in particular, outside of the large cities. The shows generally run for 90 minutes to two hours and a new show is created every two to three years.

Barbecue is an acrobatic comedy about an uncle living in the suburbs with a neat, orderly backyard. That all changes when his niece, whom he hasn’t seen in several years, comes to visit with a bunch of friends and wants to have a party and the nosy neighbours aren’t happy.

“It’s about making fun of a situation when you don’t want to share your backyard, and you have a lot of things in it, but you don’t want to use them,” Gervais said.

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