TV legend takes the Georgian stage

Television icon and winner of seven Emmys, Ed Asner is bringing his new play, A Man and His Prostate, to the Georgian Theatre.

Asner is a legendary presence onstage and on screen. His career of more than 60 years has been recognized with 16 Emmy nominations, five Golden Globe Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actor’s Guild.

Most recently, Asner is perhaps best known as the voice of Carl Fredericton in the Oscar-winning Pixar movie Up. Before that, he’s played some of the most watched characters on television on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant, Roots, Rich Man Poor Man, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Mom, The Crazy Ones and Men at Work.

A Man and His Prostate was created and written by legendary Hollywood writer, Ed Weinberger. While writing for Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Dean Martin and the iconic series Taxi, Weinberger earned nine Emmys, three Golden Globes and a Peabody award.

The show is based on Weinberger’s true life experience while vacationing in Italy and being rushed to a hospital for prostate cancer surgery. The show is handled alone by Asner,  but he’s accompanied by projections as scenery, which provide some of the show’s considerable humour. It might not sound so from the description, but critics have been calling the show “hilarious” since it opened in New York.

“Ed’s writing is humorous and the jokes work well,” Asner says, “And we also present the facts because it’s so important men to get regular screening and tests for prostate health.”

While the show makes light of a humorous scenario, the underlying subject is as serious as it gets. More than 250,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in North America every year and roughly 10 per cent of them will die from it.

Making people laugh in light of serious subject matter is hardly new for Asner. As far back as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, his characteristic stubbornness and incredulous honesty have been the perfect foil for tough topics.   

“Asner was born to play the role of an old codger who won’t take any of life’s injustice’s sitting down,” says Weinberger.

Ed Asner: A Man and His Prostate is at the Georgian Theatre on April 24 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available online at or by calling 705-792-1949.

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