Traffic Safety Tip: School Bus Safety

One of the hottest topics we receive comments on is school bus safety and those drivers who pass stopped school buses.


We get calls from irate parents, school officials, school bus drivers and even other drivers when someone passes a stopped school bus.


The Ontario Traffic Act states that:  Every driver or street car operator, when meeting on a highway, other than a highway with a median strip, a stopped school bus that has its overhead red signal-lights flashing, shall stop before reaching the bus and shall not proceed until the bus moves or the overhead red signal-lights have stopped flashing.


The Act goes on to state that those approaching from the rear must stop 20 metres behind a stopped school bus.


The fine for this offence is $490 and 6 demerit points if convicted!


The number one excuse we hear is inattention. Most drivers tell us that they just didn’t notice the bus stopped or didn’t see the lights.


The other excuse we hear is that they didn’t think they had to stop because the bus was on the other side of the road. Unless there is a concrete median, you must stop!


These laws were written to protect children. Please obey the law. Be vigilant and stop when you see a school bus with its lights flashing.


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