Tottenham Artisan Market provides unique outing

The Tottenham Artisans Market is a venue where local farmers, artists and craftspersons make their products available in an open, fresh-air environment.

With entertainment playing and vendors chatting with customers throughout the day, the Tottenham Artisans Market creates a friendly, social environment for you to spend your day in. Whether you’re buying fresh locally grown produce, grabbing a bite to eat, enjoying the craftsmanship of some of the artisans, or simply strolling through the market enjoying the day, the market has something to offer for everyone.

The market strives to offer the best in local farm products and unique artisan wares.

The Tottenham Artisans Market is uniquely located at the four corners of Tottenham close to the Historic South Simcoe Railway. Find them at the corner of Mill St. and Walkem Dr. in Tottenham from July 23 to Sept. 10.

Take a ride on the Historic South Simcoe Railway take a stroll through our Artisan Market and enjoy an afternoon at Keogh Park with Music in the Park.

For more information please contact  905 936 3424 or email


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