How Harry met Betty:

Harry Squibb was born in Toronto on May 5, 1928 and grew up working on his family’s dairy farm at Innisfil. When he was 15, Harry became interested in a friend’s 1931 Ford roadster. The friend was having trouble with the car and was willing to sell it. Harry was confident that he could fix it and, with help from his parents, managed to put together the $10 to purchase the vehicle.

A few years later, Harry was out driving his new set of wheels when he stopped in Bell Ewart and asked local girl Betty Ruffett out to a baseball game. Betty had been born in Bell Ewart on June 20, 1927 and had recently returned from her studies at Shaw’s Business College in Toronto to work in the office of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie. After receiving permission from her father, Betty took Harry up on his offer. That ball game was the beginning of their long life together.

Betty and Harry were married in 1947 and set off on their honeymoon in that same Ford roadster, with their suitcases in the rumble seat. They toured through southern Ontario to Toronto and Niagara Falls. While spending the night at a friend’s house in Brantford, they were tormented by their host, who periodically set off alarm clocks under their bed.

After returning home, Harry worked shipping milk from his family’s farm to Toronto and worked part-time for the Innisfil Roads Department. He later began working for the roads department full time and retired in 1993 after 49 years of service.

Harry and Betty had eight children: Dale, Dennis, Douglas, David, Donna, Dean, Darlene, and Debra. They still live on their hilltop property on the 4th line in Innisfil. At 89 and 90 years old respectively, Harry and Betty remain active and enjoy frequent visits from their many children and grandchildren. A few times a year, Harry drives to son Dean’s farm, near Stratford, to help out by driving a tractor. He continues to go fishing with friends, sometimes as far north as Spanish River. For Harry and Betty, Innisfil will always be home.

Photo: Betty and Harry Squibb at their 70th anniversary celebration.

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