Pink Shirt Day is back, and anyone can join

“Pink Shirt Day” is Feb. 28 and everyone is encouraged to show their solidarity with the movement that started in 2007, when a boy was bullied at a Nova Scotia school for wearing the colour pink. Though not an official event, “Pink Shirt Day” normally takes place the third Wednesday of February each year.

The effort to stop bullying at every age is adopted by individual groups and schools across the country, and Simcoe County is no exception. Last year saw a very active school community, namely Maple Grove Public School, who stood up against bullying by wearing pink in a show of solidarity with students like Andrew J. LeBlanc, who was bullied in Grade 8 for wearing pink to school.

Several local media, professional associations and organizations celebrate “Pink Shirt Day” individually. Gear is available for purchase from the CKNW Children’s Charities in Vancouver – the largest group celebrating the annual event. The theme this year is cyberbullying and the entire month of February will be spent raising awareness and funds for local youth anti-bullying programs.

According to a statement on their website, “In today’s digital world, it can be impossible to escape online bullying, whether it takes the shape of harassment, spreading rumours, sharing embarrassing information or threats. This year, Pink Shirt Day is encouraging others to combat cyberbullying by thinking twice before posting something negative, and instead using the internet to spread kindness – because we know that nice needs no filter.”

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