The Mountain Music Series brings the future of music to Blue Mountain

The Mountain Music Series has been making weekends at Blue Mountain into a party all summer long. Designed to get you out of your seat and dancing to high-energy entertainment on the Blue Mountain Village stage, the weekend includes fun, family-friendly activities like giant games, guided hikes, magic, and even axe throwing all weekend long!

Of course, the main event each weekend is the music.Both nights of each weekend is capped off with a lineup of live music featuring some very exciting young acts that have been making waves in the industry.

Coming up on August 10th is the Julian Taylor Band. Taylor calls himself a musical revisionist.
He re-combines and updates the vintage sounds that inspire him to create bold, innovative new music. Of both West Indian and Native Canadian decent, Taylor is a charismatic frontman, prolific songwriter, and the kind of endearing individual who immediately connects and makes you feel at ease.

The folk-pop band Wild Rivers will be on the Mountain on August 17th. With over 16 million streams listened on Spotify, this four-piece band effortlessly blends vocal harmonies, deliberate songwriting, and a captivating stage presence, They seem at home on a festival stage, but it’s also not hard to imagine them at a symphony hall.

Perhaps the most notable band on the schedule is kitchen-party-turned-pop/rock tour de force, Birds of  Bellwoods. They close out the night on August 24, a bill that also features award-winning teen folk duo, Moscow Apartment.

“First off we can’t wait share the stage with Moscow Apartment, they’re fantastic,” says Amanda McCauley, the band’s publicist on behalf of the group. “Also Stevie (the band’s singer and mandolinist/guitarist) is excited to play Blue Mountain because he once got a concussion there while snowboarding and has not been back since. So he’s looking forward to triumphantly returning to sing and laugh into its craggy old face.”

It’s worth noting that the band is known for its bold attitude and good humour which pervade its well-received performances. So well-received in fact that they have been added to Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s star-studded international figure skating tour as the live musical element this fall.

Among those that know, their reputation precedes them.

“We have always been a very active band on stage,” continues McCauley for the group. ”We like when people move, and are always happy to lead the charge!”

Despite a growing fan base that comes from years of hard work, and a recent album called Victoria replete with ear catching songs, the band continues to build its live shows for loyal fans, and encourages new fans to join in and catch up.

“(They) try to make every song a little different in the live version than the recorded,” says McCauley. “So ideally, everyone’s favourite part would be rediscovering their favourite song in a new way.”

The Mountain Series is a perfect opportunity to see great bands like these in a setting that may we’ll earn you bragging rights when they’re playing hockey arenas one day.

More information on the Mountain Music Series can be found here.

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