On Sept. 9, the community will gather for the Barrie Kidney Walk, a non-competitive event raising awareness for kidney health and organ donation.

The Kidney Walk brings support to those affected by kidney disease and their loved ones. On average, one in 10 Canadians has kidney disease and millions more are at risk. Kidney disease is treated with dialysis or a kidney transplant. There is no cure. More than 11,500 Ontarians depend on life-sustaining dialysis treatments several times a week and many of those waiting for a transplant are in need of a kidney.

It’s time to take a giant step in the fight against kidney disease. Participation in the Kidney Walk provides hope for those living with kidney disease when they need it most. A diagnosis of kidney disease is life changing and impacts the entire family. For some, it means losing hours of the week to dialysis, which affects opportunities to work, travel or spend time together.

The walk takes place Sept. 9 at St Vincent Park in Barrie beginning at 10:30 a.m. Visit the website at kidneywalk.ca for more.

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