Simcoe County textile collection coming to a curb near you

Do you have used textiles that can’t be passed on? Fashion doesn’t expire nor does it belong in the garbage, so the County of Simcoe is introducing a new curbside collection program for textiles to help divert the materials out of landfills.

Simcoe County residents will see one textile collection in June, with half the county slated for June 11-15 (zone one) and the other half, June 18-22 (zone two).

Visit or check out your waste calendar to determine your collection week. Similar to leaf and yard waste collection, pick-up does not necessarily coincide with your
regular collection day. Items should be placed at the curb by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your collection week.

All Simcoe County households will receive a textile collection bag through the mail in mid to late-May. Any additional clothing can be placed in a clear plastic bag and set beside the textile
bag provided. Bags must be sealed, textiles must be clean, dry and odour free.

“Look for your pink collection bag in the mail and help us recycle textiles and keep these materials out of our landfills,” said Gerry Marshall, county warden. “We’ve experienced tremendous
participation rates with our curbside battery collection program and we’re hopeful this convenient new option will have similar results.”

Accepted textile materials include: used clean clothing and undergarments; towels and linens (pillows); coats and outerwear; hats, belts and scarves; purses, backpacks, sleeping bags and luggage; and socks, mittens and shoes in pairs (wrap with elastic to hold together).

The county encourages residents to donate usable clothing and apparel whenever possible. The purpose of this program is to collect textiles that wouldn’t otherwise be passed on, including
those items with stains, tears and broken zippers. All textiles collected will be sent to a facility for sorting, grading and then re-used. Those items not re-usable are made into rags and
acoustic fill.

Did you know, the average person discards 37 kilograms of textiles each year, which equates to over 11,000 tonnes of textiles annually in the County of Simcoe? While 98 per cent of standard textile material thrown away is able to be re-used or recycled, 85 per cent of discarded textiles end up in landfill with only 15 per cent being donated. Textiles currently use significant landfill capacity and the decomposition time can be lengthy.

A new curbside collection program for electronics will also run in September. Visit for details.

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