First-time school bus riders learn some new rules

Little ones just starting school and students new to taking the bus this September don’t need to fret. The Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (SCSTC) will ride you through it to help ensure things run smoothly.

Their First Rider Program is kicking off next month to help first-time bus riders and their parents get used to their new mode of daily travel.

John Barbato, CEO and GM of the SCSTC is working in partnership with school bus operators, to educate students and their families of the rules and responsibilities on and around the school bus.

“The highlight of the program is when we go for a ride on the school bus – for some students, this will be their first time on a school bus. It has been the experience of the SCSTC that the First Rider Program, specifically the ride on the school bus, helps to improve the comfort level of riding the school bus on the first day of school for students – and their parents,” explains Barbato.

Sessions are taking place late August and early September county-wide, allowing parents/guardians and their children to attend together. These include a ride on a school bus at various times between August 16 and September 1 this year and is offered at 17 different locations.

Students attending any school in the county may attend any of the sessions, and no signup is required. Each offering runs for approximately one hour and includes a ride on a real school bus.

“The First Rider Program is a fun and interactive one-hour session that teaches and demonstrates the rules and responsibilities of riding the school bus. The program offers the perfect opportunity for students and their parents to ask questions about what it will be like to ride the school bus on a daily basis and find out what makes school bus transportation so safe,” says Barbato.

There is no fee to attend, and all students are welcome to experience riding on the school bus for the first time during the one-hour session. Other areas covered include school bus facts, safety rules on and around the school bus and responsibilities of riding the bus.

Students and families will also view a school bus safety video before being taken on a short school bus ride to practice safe school bus riding procedures.

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