Summer Theatre Begins in Collingwood

Theatre Collingwood presents its first show of the summer theatre season this month. ‘Where You Are’ is a new play out of Orangeville.

It was written by Kristen Da Silva, who is a professional playwright and actor, and the Academy Director at Theatre Orangeville. She was the recipient of the 2016 Stage West Pechet Family Comedy Award for Gibson & Sons, which she was also short-listed for in 2017 for Sugar Road.

Da Silva lives in Oakville, Ontario with her husband and three children and is currently working on her eighth play.

David Nairn, the Artistic Director of Theatre Orangeville directed the play.


The comedy – drama ‘Where You Are’ centers on two sisters, Glenda and Suzanne, who are having a peaceful retirement selling homemade jam on Manitoulin Island. This summer, however, their usual concerns – trying to orchestrate sightings of their handsome veterinarian neighbour and preparing for the visit of Suzanne’s grown daughter, Beth are complicated by a secret.

It’s a secret the sisters can no longer contain and when Beth arrives, she has some secrets too. As a result, the three women are forced to face things that will change their lives and relationships forever.

The show unfolds May 21-25 at the Simcoe Street Theatre, 65 Simcoe St., Collingwood. This summer, Theatre Collingwood will be staging their shows in a variety of locations around town.

Tickets are available for a five-show subscription package or as single shows. Call the box office at 705-445-2200 for more information.


Photo: Where You Are stars Kristen Da Silva, Debra Hale, Jeff Hanson and Melanie Janzen. Theatre Collingwood is presenting the new comedy drama May 21-25.


Photo credit: Sharyn Ayliffe Creative

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