Sweeping up makes financial sense for the City of Barrie.

The annual spring street sweeping is underway in Barrie and that means clearing up the city’s roads and helping protect the pathways from the leftovers of winter.

What spring sweeping also does is collect a whole lot of sand that can be reused next winter on Barrie’s streets. Last year, the City of Barrie collected 2400 tonnes of sand and by recycling that they were able to use it on the streets this past winter and in doing so saved itself more than $250,000 in costs, while also not taking up valuable space at the City’s Landfill.

“We are always looking for new ways of providing safe driving conditions that are more environmentally and economically stable,” said Dave Friary, director of roads, parks and fleet for the City of Barrie. “This is a great example of staff taking initiative to come up with ideas to improve efficiencies.”

The street sweeping schedule follows the City of Barrie’s Source Water Protection plan, which requires crews to prioritize street sweeping the roadways in Barrie’s drinking water protection areas and then moving outward.

Weather permitting, sweeping will take approximately some 10 weeks to complete. It will help improve water quality and the environment by removing the pollutants that can be transferred to downstream water bodies through urban runoff that moves through the storm sewer system.

The Sweet Sweeping Program also helps with the cleanliness and aesthetics of city streets and municipal parking lots. It is expected to completed by mid-June.

For more information, visit www.barrie.ca/StreetSweeping.

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