Spend your Stay-cation at Summer Sundays

If you are enjoying a staycation this summer, the Simcoe County Museum encourages you to do so with them. Located just northeast of Barrie, the museum offers food-inspired activities every Sunday that explores our history.

Themes in August include All About the Grains, HCEA Building Simcoe County, Butterfly Paradise and Jam Session. Meredith Patterson, an event programmer on Summer Sundays helped to plan and prepare the themed activities and crafts.

“This year our theme is from the ground so all of our activities relate to the ground, what we can get from the ground, how we use the ground and things like that,” she explains.

The museum grounds come alive on Building Simcoe County Day when they partner with the Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA).

“We have pieces of equipment on the ground, so they are going to get them up and moving,” explains Patterson. One of these includes a 1922 steam shovel that will be up and operating and moving around for all to see.

“You can come see how they actually work and see how you create roads from the ground and different kinds of landscape and the historical aspect of construction.”

With all of the construction going on during the summer, the comparison with classical methods and machinery will be interesting, according to Patterson.

“It’s nice to pair the historical construction because you actually get to see the difference in how they used to do it a hundred years ago,” she says.

At All About the Grains, they will use a demonstration oven to make fresh bread and “learn the process of lighting the fire, heating the oven up with the fire and then actually cooking inside the oven,” explains Patterson.

Everyone will also work together to make the butter, which they can sample the bread with, “we’re gonna get out the butter churn and make it like the pioneers did”, says Patterson.

At the Butterfly Paradise themed event, attendees will learn how to raise butterfly’s at home as some species are endangered.

“We’re going to teach you what you can plant to make it so that your butterflies can thrive at your house,” says Patterson.

They will also discuss the cycle of the butterfly and how the community can help by planting different things at home. Everyone will get seeds that they can plant their own butterfly paradise within their gardens.

“The idea is to plant outside to help these species; it’s really sad that they are endangered so we’re trying to work together to make it so that they can survive,” says Patterson.

The event is also a continuation of an Earth Day session in April where they talked about butterflies with a plan to start planting in August.

Other August themes include Jam Session where everyone will make blueberry jam and hand churned blueberry ice cream.

“People love being able to use local berries to make a nice sweet jam that they can take home,” says Patterson.

August will also see various themes on Tuesday evenings during the Museum After Hours series, where they will open their doors later than usual. Some of these include The Victorian Ghost, Canada at War, Roaring Twenties, That 70s Day and There’s Been a Murder.

Summer Sundays is a family-friendly event that has been running for 15 years and last year enjoyed their highest turnout.

“The response for Summer Sundays is a lot higher and it’s a nice event to come and spend your afternoon at,” says Patterson.

For information, visit: www.museum.simcoe.ca.

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