Solution not yet in sight for inaccessible Beeton seniors building

Donna Jeb, New Tecumseth deputy mayor, is recommending building a new apartment complex to resolve accessibility issues at Aitken Court in Beeton. The 24-unit two-storey walk-up that houses seniors needs an elevator. The problem: there is no room in the current structure to accommodate one.

The construction of an elevator unit would cost about $750,000 and require the removal of an upstairs unit as well as a shared lounge used by the residents. The building is not just old, but is also deemed too small to be approved for an upgrade as the county considers only larger structures.

The 10-year affordable housing strategy does not include any funding for new buildings and, for now, the only workable option is installing a dumbwaiter to transport groceries to upstairs units. The issue at the complex, located at 50 Tecumseth St., will continue until the county, town, and its vulnerable inhabitants come to a workable solution.

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Photo credit: Scott Szarapka

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