Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) is enhancing their facility with three projects, two which
are slated to start on Monday, March 9.

A renovation of their Emergency Department (ED) trauma room as well as a patient/visitor washroom in
the ED will start next week. Construction will start on the implementation of a Level 2 Bed unit
(Level 2 ICU) later this month.

A complete renovation of SMH’s trauma room in their ED will include new flooring, paint, as well as
upgraded equipment and surgical lighting. A sliding glass door will also be installed, expanding
the entranceway and providing more privacy with internal blinds. The trauma room has not received a
renovation since it was built in 1964.

The $75,000 renovation is possible thanks to community donors who have fully funded the project.
The project will take two weeks to complete with minimal impact to patients.

A patient/visitor washroom in the ED will also be receiving a much-needed renovation, making it
fully wheelchair accessible. A mechanically-operated door complete with electronic locks and
indicators, a new toilet and sink at the proper height are all features of the upgrade. Any
patients in need of a wheelchair-accessible washroom will be directed to the lower level of the
hospital until the renovation is complete.

“We are working to modernize our aging infrastructure as we await our approval for redevelopment,”
says Jody Levac, president and CEO, SMH. “Our patients, staff and community members deserve to have
a hospital that is updated to reflect modern standards. I thank our community donors for making
these significant transformations possible.”

The Level 2 unit, approved by Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO) will be a special care unit
that will be used for patients with a higher level of care needs. The official name of the unit is
under review and will be released upon completion.

“Our physicians and nursing staff have cared for patients with complex care needs in the past, but
this new unit and the addition of staff will extend our capability to do so,” says Carrie
Jeffreys, VP Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive, SMH. “In some cases we will eliminate
the need to transfer a patient to another facility. Our goal is always to provide high
quality care to our patients close to home.”

To support the new unit, Respiratory Therapists have been hired, who will not only support these
patients, but any patients in need of their services across the hospital. SMH has started
recruiting for nursing positions to support the unit as well.

SMH received $1 million in funding to complete the project, slated to be complete this summer.

Photo: Stevenson Memorial Hospital will start renovation on the ED trauma room next week.

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