Share what’s important to you – Barrie’s 2019 budget

It’s budget time at the City of Barrie, which means it’s time for residents to use the budget allocator tool and share what’s important to them. Residents can choose to increase, decrease or maintain budget spending for nine major services and leave comments about their choices. 

The budget allocator includes a sample of the 60-plus services and programs provided by the city, which range from public transit, curbside collection, fire and emergency service to roads, parks, recreation and more. Through the tool, residents can learn more about each service area and how budgeting changes can impact service delivery.  

The budget allocator is open until Jan. 14. Results and comments will be shared with council during the 2019 business plan and budget deliberations, which will help provide insight into the public’s priorities. Subject to council’s discussions, the budget is scheduled to be approved on Jan. 28. 

Visit ‘Budget Allocator’ at to share your feedback.

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