New children’s book from Sandy Ann Humphreys

Sandy Ann Humphreys has released her fifth children’s book, Why God Made Kitties Small. The Barrie author featured her own kitty cat, Smokey-Lynne, as the star of the story.

She writes and illustrates the books with her own photos, the majority centers on kittens and/or cats. In her latest, she answers the title’s question, why God made kitties small, “so that we could love them all.”

The text takes the form of poetry. Her first poem, in Grade 2, was for her mother in honour of Mother’s Day.

Humphreys’ initial foray into publishing her books began with Awakening my Sleeping Poetress (2009) which charts her journey back to health. Despite a schizo-affective disorder, she graduated from Laurentian University with B.A. specialization in Psychology.

She is currently teaching a class in Life Goals Skills, taking some online courses and looking for more part-time work. She has three more books in the works.

“I am selling my books for $15,” said Humphreys. “If someone would like to get a book or more than one please email me at They make wonderful Christmas presents for any age.”

Humphreys was born in Orillia, lived out west for a time and moved to Barrie in 1993 to be closer to her mother, who passed away in 2001. She has a creative streak that has found an outlet in performing, singing, songwriting, theatre, and stand-up comedy.

Photo: Sandy Ann Humphreys and her latest children’s book, available for $15.

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