Safety Equipment Education and Flare Disposal Day

Disposing of expired flares has been an ongoing dilemma for boaters across the country. If your boat’s flares have a manufacture date of 2014 or earlier, they have or will expire this year. You can’t light them, throw them in the water or in your household garbage to dispose of them.

The Canadian Power and Sail Squadron safety equipment education and flare disposal day runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June 16 at Lefroy Harbour Marina. Boaters can learn about required safety equipment and bring along outdated flares to be properly disposed of, free of charge.

In accordance with Transport Canada requirements, flares are approved for four years from the date of manufacture. Typically, this means that boaters need to replace their flares every third or fourth boating season. Boaters are required to replace them, it’s the law.

There are four types of flares: Type A – Rocket Parachute; Type B – Multi-Star; Type C – Hand-Held; and Type D – Smoke Signal. For further information on the different characteristics of each and the quantity required for your vessel, refer to the Safe Boating Guide at

Visit: or call 1-888-CPS-BOAT for a list of safety equipment education and flare disposal days and locations.

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