Provincial politics heats up in York-Simcoe

The provincial nomination heated up August 4, when the former Prime Minister’s daughter, Caroline Mulroney, made her bid to run in York-Simcoe.

PC party leader Patrick Brown tweeted out his support of her candidacy. Mulroney herself admits that she has always known that she may one day enter the arena of politics.

“It’s something that I’ve always had in the back of my mind, something that I wanted to do. I grew up watching my parents and a lot of our friends get involved in politics and public service and so, I thought it was something that I would like to do one day,” says Mulroney.

“I’m running now because it’s clear we need change in Ontario, and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, and I think the timing now is the right time for me.”

Life is busy for the working Mom of four, who is now prepared to work towards the change she would like to see.

“Well, for me I would like to find a way to make life more affordable, and to get government out of the way, out of people’s way. People are working really hard, and government seems to be making life more difficult, and so that is what would be my focus,” she says.

One of the ways that she has been making a change already is through her charity work that provided gifts and much-needed supplies to women in shelters over the holidays.

“The Shoebox project was something that I got involved in and started about six years ago. I was looking for a hands-on way to give back, and something I could do with my children,” says Mulroney.

The event originally started in Montreal with her sister-in-law, and was brought to Ontario by Mulroney who wanted to see it grow.

“We just started filling shoe boxes and asking our friends to do that, so that we could make a donation to some women in one shelter for the holidays, and the idea is to brighten their holidays with little luxuries.”

The idea caught on as last year they donated more than 36,000 gifts, and they now have chapters across the country.

“It really is low cost, a low-cost way of giving back. It’s hands on, which people really like, and it gives people the opportunity to get more involved in their community,” says Mulroney.

As for her family’s move to York-Simcoe, Mulroney shared that it is a place they have always loved and visited regularly.

“We recently bought a home in Georgina, but we’ve been coming here for years, and we looked at buying a place last year, so we’re very excited and happy that we were able to buy a home this spring,” she explains.

Her new neighbours are also welcoming her with open arms, as she makes the rounds to meet them all.

“I love it, and I’ve been meeting a lot of people, and I hope to continue to meet more and more people.”

As for the work that she intends to do for her community, she is running because she believes change is needed in Ontario. She has been talking with local residents about this issue.

“I talk to people, residents of York-Simcoe, about the kind of change that they want to see and they want government to get out of their way. I want to be a voice for those ideas, and stand up for them at Queen’s Park,” says Mulroney.

“I’m here to listen and stand up for what people of York-Simcoe want to see, and the change they want to see at Queen’s Park. I plan to work hard every day to do that, and to bring about a better future for our families.”

Some of the other issues that the Harvard and NYU School of Law graduate mentioned that matter to her are education and roads. The York-Simcoe nomination meeting takes place Sept. 10 and Mulroney will be actively selling memberships leading up to it.

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