Stats say people getting jobs in Barrie

One of the lowest unemployment rates in decades has Barrie government and business leaders talking proud.

Numbers released by Statistics Canada reveal that Barrie had a 3.4 per cent rate in November, one of the lowest in Canada. The number is down a full percentage point from the previous month.

Nationally, the jobless rate was 5.9 per cent, the lowest since 2008. The rate is determined by the number of unemployed people as a percentage of both the working and non-working labour force and is compiled through surveys.

Government officials point to a number of job creation programs both nationally and provincially as one of the reasons for the low rate while locally, business leaders specifically point to new jobs in the areas of manufacturing, skilled trades and administrative positions.

Through social media, Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman said he was pleased with the results and pointed out that the city had the second lowest rate in the country, and shows that Barrie has a strong local economy.

The numbers stand in stark contrast to those released a little more than one year ago when Barrie’s unemployment rate was 8.7 in August of 2016, one of the highest in the country. At that time there was a concern there was not enough skilled labour in the market to meet the demands of new companies that were hiring. However, since then, the local economy has seen steady a steady climb through the various job creations programs combined with both regular and seasonal growth which may have lead to the turnaround.

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