The Pathway of Memories, at Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) general headquarters in Orillia, honours those who’ve made a difference in the police service while also helping its members help disadvantaged youth.

“Today’s dedication ceremony marks the first installment of the 226 memory stones that have been donated and dedicated as a lasting and public record of service to those who have contributed to the OPP’s legacy over the years,” OPP Commissioner J.V.N (Vince) Hawkes said, in a statement issued at the Sept. 13 ceremony.

The Pathway honours OPP members and spouses, current, former, uniform, civilian, auxiliary and volunteers through donated, inscribed memory stones inlaid at the general headquarters memorial terrace.

The Pathway of Memories helps raise funds for the OPP Youth Foundation, which was created in 2005 to help members of the OPP and its volunteer association create social and educational opportunities to help disadvantaged youth reach their potential.

Image from Ontario Provincial Police Youth Foundation. 

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