The Argues recently released a catchy new single to Canadian Country Radio. It’s the latest single in the lead up to a new album, slated for later this year.

The four-piece local family band released the first single,  I Don’t Need You, last year.  The new single “Enjoy This Night” was written by the youngest family member, Sabrina. The multi-instrumentalist and vocalists is currently in her last year of high school.

She and her sister Lauren grew up on rock and roll music and have found their niche in country music, some tunes elements of blues and rock. At the 2017  Toronto Independent Music Awards, The Argues won the Best Country Award and they have been moving in that direction ever since.

Songs from their first album  ‘Something New’ have been played on stations worldwide – New Zealand, England, U.S. and Canada. They released two music videos for the album and were selected in the top 10 for CBC Searchlight 2017 for the song Run Till You Drop.

The new single “Enjoy This Night” is available on all digital music sites.

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