New music for local musician Steve Major

 A local musician has managed to write and record a new album of songs, half a world away.  Steve Major wrote many of the songs while he was traveling the Mediterranean, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Africa entertaining passengers on a cruise ship.

When that contract ended last spring he signed on as a resident guest entertainer on Princess Cruiselines and is currently touring New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan until August.

“I bounced ideas from wherever I was in the world back home to Jazzfeezy in Canada,” said Major of the lengthy process and “strategic planning” to bring the new album and videos to fruition. “The songs went back and forth several times and over 15 or so songs were written before we narrowed it down to five – what we thought were the strongest.”

Jazzfeezy, who produced the album, is one of several music professionals Major worked with on a successful Idol-style talent show he founded called Local Live. Jazzfeezy and Drop Daniels, who directed the videos, were judges in the competition that gave local singers an opportunity to perform and showcase their original music. After the 2015 Local Live, Major opted to put it on the back burner rather than lose creative control of a show he conceived, produced and hosted.

He refocused on his own music career, which has included several recordings dating back as far as the late 90s. The new self-titled EP is his second solo album. The songs on the EP are inspired by failed relationships due to time away or distance: the happy times, painful ones and why goodbyes are sometimes the only choice.

Major is currently part of a cast of 12 – two vocalists and 10 dancers – as he leads seven large-scale theatrical style production shows ranging from pop, rock, country, and theatre/opera. The other vocalist is an American female. He also performs in his own original show which features songs from the new EP and his previous album.

“After the tour finishes, I plan to take a short break and then jump right back into it,” he said. “I absolutely love being on stage and performing for people. Evoking emotion in others through music is something I live for and while I can, this job allows me to do that nightly for 2000-plus people while traveling the world. I feel extremely blessed.”

Born in Toronto, Major moved to Barrie with his parents in 1993. He spent the majority of high school commuting to Etobicoke School for the Arts in Mississauga. Earlier in his life, he played lead roles in Sunshine Festival Theatre (Orillia), professional and commuity theatre companies around Simcoe County, film work and commercials.

The first single Forgive ‘N Forget has been released. See the video at The self-titled EP will follow in the near future on iTunes.



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