The ultimate party band, My Son The Hurricane, returns to Barrie on June 15.  The Niagara/Toronto-based group has established a reputation as a festival closer and dance floor inciter.

Band leader and drummer, Danno O’Shea, says people love their show but no dancing tends to occur in the first 10 minutes because they’re still trying to figure out the logistics of how the 10 to 12-piece group does it. The answer is lots of communication and it doesn’t hurt that O’Shea is an “obsessive-compulsive kind of guy” with a knack for organization.

The dance-party band came together seven years ago as a New Orleans style brass band with a bit of hip-hop and it has since evolved into a fusion of sounds. When O’Shea first heard New Orleans music, he fell in love with it.

“It was music that made sense to me,” he said. “It was a mix of everything, heavy metal, Primus (a sound like Rush with a country singer).”

The name of the band is synonymous with New Orleans. The city, at the time, was dealing with a hurricane and the “rest we threw at the wall and that’s what seemed to stick”.

They released their fourth album, Is This What You Want?, mid-2016. It translates the party band’s live performance onto a record. It’s a mix of New Orleans style groove with funk, jazz and hip-hop.

My Son The Hurricane performs June 15 at Mavricks Music Hall, 46 Dunlop St. W. Doors open at 9 p.m. for a 10 p.m. show, age 19 and over. Tickets at, are $20 plus HST.

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