Most Canadians eating out at least once a week

A new Statistics Canada report says most Canadians eat out or purchase takeout food.

Their survey found only eight per cent did not eat out in the past month, while 54 per cent eat out once a week or more and 39 per cent less than once a week.

The main reasons are convenience and socializing. More than half of Canadians (52 per cent) say they eat out as a treat, for a special occasion or celebration, or to socialize with friends and family, while 40 per cent eat out for convenience, they have no time to cook, or they do not like or know how to cook.

The meals eaten outside the home most often are lunch (33 per cent) and dinner (49 per cent).

Although, says StatsCan, when available, most (57 per cent) Canadians use the menu nutrition information to make informed choices. Fifty-seven per cent say they always, often or sometimes changed their order after checking the menu.

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