Morning doesn’t mean sober for Bradford male

On Dec. 27, at about 8:15 a.m., Community Response Unit (CRU) officers, on general patrol in downtown Barrie, observed a male appearing to be urinating on the west side of the Collier Street parkade. Officers learned he had been drinking until about 4 a.m. He was by his vehicle and, after learning he had been drinking until about 4 a.m., officers suggested it was best to arrange an alternate way home and return for his vehicle at a later time. The male agreed and, still unsteady on his feet, was last seen walking down Collier Street.

The officers attended an unrelated call and just before 9 a.m., while completing their notes, observed the same male driving his vehicle from where it was previously parked. He was stopped on Mulcaster Street and failed a roadside screening test. A 23-year-old Bradford male was arrested and charged with care and control of a motor vehicle with more 80mg of alcohol in his blood.

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