Moms are getting closer to their newborns with RVH’s help

With the addition of 20 Halo Bassinests in its Obstetrics Unit, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) is helping moms and their babies get closer in a safe, more convenient way, 

These new sleepers, which replace the traditional hospital bassinets, have an adjustable-height swivel design which allows a mom to positon her newborn for safe and easy access for breastfeeding and care. The sleepers are especially beneficial for women who have delivered via caesarean birth (C-section) as they reduce bending and lifting. Moms can keep their babies close to them and at eye level while they both rest – mom in the comfort of her bed and babe in the safety of the sleeper.

“These new bassinests are great as they promote bonding,” says Charmaine Smith, manager, RVH Birthing Unit and Obstetrics. “The height on the sleepers is adjustable so moms can literally have it right over their lap while in bed. Even when laying down, moms can have the baby right at their level beside their bed. The clear bedside walls of the bassinests let moms keep an eye on their babies so they can rest without losing eye contact and physical touch.”

Second-time mom, Amanda Dewar says she is very pleased with the new bassinests.

“For my first child I used the old bassinette and actually found it really difficult having just had a C-section,” says Dewar, cradling her newborn son Nixon. “I love this new one because it moves so smoothly. I can easily pull it down and toward me which is amazing because I just had another C-section.”

Each year more than 2,000 babies are born at RVH and this new equipment contributes to the health centre’s focus on family-centred care and improved patient experience.

Photo: Joe and Amanda Dewar are seen caring for their newborn son, Nixon. The couple are among the first parents to use the new bassinests during their stay in the Obstetrics Unit at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) in Barrie.


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