Midland launches backwater valve program

The Town of Midland has engaged in a program replacing combined sanitary sewer and stormwater systems through the allocation of the annual capital budget program.

The municipal infrastructure is undergoing an unprecedented challenge from both the intensity and severity of current storms as the impact of climate change continues. Due to Midland’s limited financial capacity, replacement efforts will take many years to complete the upgrades. This concern has prompted the town to create a backflow prevention subsidy program aimed at assisting homeowners to take reasonable steps to prevent flooding events before the municipality is able to replace the combined sewer and stormwater infrastructure.

Homeowners should take the appropriate action to reduce the risk of basement flooding on their own private property, and installing a backflow prevention device on their sanitary sewer system may help to reduce the impact.

Homeowners interested in participating in the subsidy program are encouraged to first review the Town of Midland’s Sanitary Sewer Backwater Valve Subsidy Policy. Links for both the policy and an application can be found by going to www.midland.ca/Pages/SSBWV-Program.aspx.

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