Local pogo athlete ranked among the world’s best

He is one of the world’s top athletes in a sport that you may have not even known existed. Harry White is a pogo athlete.

The former cheerleader has never been lacking in athleticism, but previously, the pogo stick was just a fun mode of transportation for him on the campus of Fanshawe College.

That was until he took in his first PogoPalooza in 2013. It was at the international event in Pittsburgh that White realized his passion for the extreme sport. Little did he know that eight years later, he would be crowned as the eighth best pogo athlete in the world.

White is a member of the XPogo Stunt Team and has performed with them for companies such as Australia, England, Wales, Mexico, and in over 40 of the United States.  His team has worked with companies such as ABC, Facebook, and even Disney.

White is often among the half-time entertainment at NBA games, at monster truck rallies, and at state fairs.

Despite not finishing his studies in broadcast journalism, he applies what he’s learned through his charismatic personality and showmanship. In fact, while first breaking in with the XPogo Stunt Team, White did fewer tricks and spent more time on the microphone.

To date, the Orillia native has endured only limited injuries. His stage name is “Hairless Black.”

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