If you’re looking for a creative outlet for your kids all year-round, Crazy Pants Theatre Company (CPTC) in Alliston may be a good bet. They made a move from Beeton in 2016 with the promise of “confidence, pride, excellence, teamwork and creativity” for all who attend.

The youth-centric theatre company produces a roster of plays and productions that have their advertising and ticket sales handled through the South Simcoe Arts Council (SSAC). They partnered with each other in early 2016, when the latter made their own move to the area and immediately dived into promoting theatrical arts through several partnerships with local outlets, including CPTC.

Fully equipped with an artistic director and a team that includes a director/choreographer/prime minister of comedy, improv director, vocal director, and crazy shorts directors, CPTC can accommodate all age groups. They also have a parent portal for the registration of younger students.

Their young actors’ program is for children aged four through nine and limited to theatrical shorts where a budding star can hone their performance skills. Young children are also introduced to set design, teamwork and an opportunity to build character in the group.

Older kids, aged 10 through 18, develop improvisation skills and participate in a live production, which the entire community can attend. Recent shows include the “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” and “James and the Giant Peach”.

“We are an inclusive group and find a space for all skills in our performances and workshops,” says a statement on their website. “Whether an actor is a first timer, or they live for the stage, our professional environment will support them and allow them to excel and grow.”

CPTC is currently developing an annual open-house showcase called “Broadway Bound” that will give potential registrants an inside look at their programming. Details will be posted on their website as they become available.

For information, visit: www.crazypantstheatrecompany.com

In the photo, students busily rehearse this past summer at the Crazy Pants Theatre Company in Alliston.

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