It’s Tax Time…Guard Against Fraud!

Recently, an elderly female victim reported that she was the victim of a tax scam. Two suspects had contacted her by phone and convinced her that she owed the Canada Revenue Agency $3,500. She paid the suspects using “Steam” gift cards by reading the bar codes to them over the phone. It was only when they called back for more money that she realized she was the victim of fraud.


The CRA will never ask contact you by phone about your tax status.

Furthermore, they will never ask you to pay them with gift cards or the like.


If you receive such a phone call, hang up and never give out personal information.


Retailers, please educate your employees to look for fraud victims who buy inordinately large numbers of gift cards. Ask questions and contact police if you think they are being targeted.


You can always call South Simcoe Police for advice if you feel you’ve been the victim of such a fraud.


You can also go to the Canadian Anti Fraud website for more information.

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