Pianist Cheryl Graham will be featuring a special program of ‘Hymns from the Heart’ at an upcoming concert in Barrie.

It kicks off the fall season for Midday Music with Shigeru. Concert goers can expect to hear a wide variety of music ranging from Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art to the well-known song Day by Day.

She is also expecting to feature a few special guests including vocal trio Norella Sisters. She has, in the past, featured students from her busy music studio Joyful Sounds Music Studio in Horseshoe Valley.

Graham is a regular performer of Barrie’s midday concerts. She started out as a church pianist at the age of 13 and has served as music director of Heritage Baptist Church in Barrie for the past 31 years.

One of Graham’s specialties is the improvisation of sacred/gospel music and she has training many church pianists in the art of improvisation – students who currently serve in churches in North America, Ireland, Belize, and Australia.

She has worked as a collaborative pianist with vocal ensembles, violinists, and in the recording studio for sacred music recordings. She enjoys directing church cantatas and musicals.

She is well known locally for her teaching skills – young musical talent, advanced students as well as teacher training – and many of her students have won awards.

‘Hymns from the Heart’ unfolds Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 12 noon at Hi-Way Pentecostal Church, 50 Anne St. N. Admission is $10 each, free for students.


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