Healthy skin requires your commitment, not a miracle

Your skin is the first line of defence against chemicals, pollutants, irritants, stress and other unwanted elements of nature; it needs to be healthy to protect you effectively.

Healthy Planet’s skin products are natural and free of harsh chemicals and will help you obtain a healthy and radiant skin without exposing it to harmful substances.

Lighten up! Your face comes first and it needs to look great. Among the best practices for a beautiful skin, is washing your face twice daily with a natural soap or a cleanser, followed by a toner to assure all dirt and oils are wiped away, and at a later stage, use a moisturizer.

The first question you need to ask yourself when choosing your daily facial moisturizer is “What is my skin type?”. Whether your skin is normal, sensitive, oily, dry, or combination, for best results, you need to choose the proper product for your skin type. Andalou Naturals 100% Non-GMO and Derma e brands provide you with a big selection of moisturizers that also help in brightening, nourishing, rejuvenating your skin, and reducing its inflammation,

The area around your eyes and your lips needs special attention as it is different from the rest of the face. Hydrate, tone and firm this sensitive area of your face through the application of an eye cream that you can also find in both Andalou and Derma e brands. Tea tree oil lip balm by Desert Essence helps to maintain soft and super smooth lips.

What about makeup? Almost every woman uses a fair number of cosmetics daily. To avoid contact of harmful chemicals with your skin, go for organic, environmentally-friendly cosmetics. Zorah biocosmetics is one of the finest lines among many for skin care that carries organic makeup.

Make sure to remove your makeup with a natural, fragrance-free, paraben-free makeup remover such as the Derma e which is made from chamomile and cucumber extract that soothes, tightens and refreshes your skin.

Finally, you may also use masks regularly for skin detoxification, improving circulation and hydration.

While most people know how to take care of their face, many others disregard complete body skin care. But guess what?! It is never too late to make your body skin healthier.

Let’s get started!

Daily showers are important for good hygiene. However, soaps or body washes loaded with chemicals, parabens and other dangerous hazardous substances may cause harm to your health.  Using natural body washes or soaps such as Andalou natural shower gels hydrate and nourish your skin. You can also use scrubs and exfoliators to get rid of all the dead skin, rejuvenate your body, and improve blood circulation.

Moisturize your skin daily after showering to prevent dryness, and help improve the overall skin appearance and texture. With Andalou, Kalaya, and Dessert Essence’s lotions and creams, you can increase your skin cells’ longevity and vitality. You can also use body oils for very dry chapped skin. Desert Essence tea tree oil ointment is perfect for dry, irritated skin and it also soothes razor and waxing burns.

Don’t go neglecting your scalp and hair! Use shampoos and conditioners that can prevent scalp infection, dandruff, split ends and hair loss.

Finally, let us not forget to take care of our hands and feet. Cracked and dry skin on your hands or on your feet can be unaesthetic but also painful. Dry skin on hands increases in winter due to the cold weather, and leaving dry skin too long on your feet can cause the skin on your heels to break. The solution to this problem? Moisturize!

Along with the use of natural facial and body care products, help your skin stay healthy and glowing by drinking a lot of water, avoiding direct sunlight, applying sunscreen every day, and providing your body with all the essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, Omega 3, Vitamin A and Selenium.

Story by Syed Rizvi.

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