Getting the Led out with Zepagain at the Georgian Theatre

The iconic band Led Zeppelin — Page, now 73, Plant, 68, John Paul Jones, 71 and John Bonham, who died in 1980 — last played together July 7, 1980, at a concert in Berlin.

Their music and legacy have since become the stuff of legends. Everything about the group, onstage and off; in the studio or partying on the road, has been dissected, analysed, exaggerated and retold countless times over.

It is all too easy, decades later, to lose touch with the music that propelled Zeppelin into the stratosphere.

For the past 30 years, Los Angeles based tribute band Led Zepagain has been fighting to keep the music alive. Designed as a way to capture the heart and soul of the legendary group, they seem to have largely succeeded. Jimmy page himself described them as, “as close as you’ll ever get to the real deal.”

The band brings the past to life at the Georgian Theatre on May 12 at 7:30p.m..

The show features authentic costumes and equipment to complete the experience, but the music takes centre stage. Fans can expect all of the high-energy Zeppelin classics like Stairway to Heaven, Immigrant Song, Whole Lotta Love, Rock ‘n’ Roll and, Black Dog. However, like Zep was famous for, the band will also perform a sit down acoustic set in the middle of the show featuring some intimate favourites and mandolins to boot.

Led Zepagain performs at the Georgian Theatre on May 12.
Tickets are available online here.

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