Italy’s Neker marks his first Canadian tour with a stop in Barrie April 4. The three-piece band is touring in support of Neker’s latest album “Louder”.

The last time Neker (his stage name) was here it was for a vacation and he visited Ontario and Quebec.


“The thing that I liked was people were very kind and the landscape. It was like Europe with something American,” he said. “I’m still learning English. Music is like an international language so when I play I communicate better than when I speak.”

Louder had its beginnings as a solo metal project in 2013 and Neker has included one of those earlier songs ‘Sleeping Memories’ on the album. All of his lyrics are in English. After leaving a now-defunct metalcore band, he wanted to create a sound that incorporated strong southern influences.

From his first show, as a trio, in 2016, he has amassed fans throughout several countries in Europe.  For the Canadian tour, he will be appearing with a guitar player from Italy and a Canadian drummer from Montreal.

He’s very familiar with a lot of Canadian bands and ranks Protest the Hero and Comeback Kid among his favourites.

“I like to listen to everything,” Neker who is inspired by every kind of music.

He said he started “screaming” at 16 and hasn’t stopped since. Some musical training followed to keep his voice in top shape. At present music is not a full-time venture yet. When he is at home, he works part-time in a book shop.

Neker plays The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hotdoggery in downtown Barrie April 4, 8 p.m. Also on the bill are Halfway Through Hell, a four-piece metalcore band from Wasaga Beach, and Anneliese (Alternative Metal / Prog Rock) from Toronto.


photo: Italian Metal artist Neker plays Barrie April 4

Photo Credit: Francesco Agostini

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