Family follows forefathers footsteps in supporting hospital

Nearly two centuries after Theodore Loblaw, the founder of the Loblaw grocery chain, with the help of other prominent local leaders, helped make Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) a reality, his family continues to support the hospital.

In 1832, William Stevenson and his young wife Elizabeth Pringle settled in the area, now called Alliston. Their original log home was replaced and then renovated in 1927 by their illustrious grandson Theodore Loblaw. Stevenson Farms became a seasonal family retreat for Loblaw.

The original Stevenson farmhouse has since passed down through the family to its current owners, Stephen and Susanne Milne. Stephen is the thrice great grandson of the Stevensons; who to this day, continues his family’s work as a pillar in our community and champion of local healthcare.

The Stevenson Farms B&B and Harvest Spa has recently donated a total of $6,600 in support of the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation (SMHF) Because of you, we can Capital Campaign.

“We are so happy to have raised $6,600 for Stevenson Memorial Hospital from our Macallan scotch dinner and live art fundraising event,” said Stephen and Susanne Milne, owners of Stevenson Farms B&B and Harvest Spa.” Our special thanks to all the artists, donors, and participants who made it possible. We hope to encourage our community to continue to support SMH, as we need our frontline workers and our hospital to be strong now and in the future to come.”

For more information about the Capital Campaign, how you can donate or become involved as a volunteer/campaign cabinet member, visit

Photo: Stephen and Susanne Milne, owners of Stevenson Farms B&B and Harvest Spa joined by SMHF member Margaret Barber.

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