Electronics collection coming to Simcoe County curbs

Simcoe County residents have a new option to recycle their old or unused electronics through a convenient curbside collection program that runs the weeks of Sept. 17 and 24 across the region.

County audit data indicates approximately 650,000 kilograms. of electronics end up in curbside garbage collected each year. As many electronics are harmful to the environment when not recycled properly, the goal of the new program is to offer residents an easy solution to properly recycle common items.

“The county is constantly striving to enhance our services and programs and increase our diversion rate,” said Deputy Warden Terry Dowdall.

All Simcoe County households will receive one electronics collection, with half receiving pick-up Sept. 17-21 (Zone 1) and the other half receiving pick-up Sept. 24-28 (Zone 2). Visit simcoe.ca/electronicscollection or check out the Waste Calendar to determine your zone.

An electronics collection bag will arrive by mail in early September as part of the county’s Big News envelope. The mailer will also include a bag for the annual battery collection occurring Nov. 5-9 and information about upcoming changes to the green bin program.

Similar to other special collection programs, electronics pick-up does not necessarily coincide with your regular collection day. Place bags (sealed clear plastic bags will also be accepted) and larger loose items at the curb by 7 a.m. on Monday of your designated week.

Acceptable items include computers, monitors, printers, televisions, cellular phones, video gaming consoles, small appliances, personal care items (hair dryers, electric shavers and toothbrushes) and cords as well as small corded power tools.

The county is not responsible for personal information contained on computer hard drives, motherboards or other electronic devices that may potentially store information. You need to delete all personal data from items placed at the curb. Electronic items collected will be processed at a local approved electronics recycling facility where they are sorted and recyclable materials are sent out for reuse.

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