Duo helped after boat capsizes

Marine Unit officers came to the rescue of a 52-year-old man whose boat had capsized in high waves in Cook’s Bay at Innisfil.

Around noon on July 6, the man was heading out on Lake Simcoe with his 21-year-old son in their 11-foot aluminium motor boat. A wave flooded the vessel and it flipped over off Little Cedar Point.  Both father and son wound up in the water.

“They were both able to put their life jackets on,” said Marine Unit Const. Steve Black. “The father stayed with the boat and the son swam to shore for help.”

Unit officers had already been alerted by a 911 call from a person on shore who saw someone bobbing in the water. Police found the overturned boat and the father in nine feet of water about 100 yards offshore. Officers brought him on board a police boat and transported him to safety.

The man was exhausted from battling waves and holding onto the boat, according to the officers. Black and Marine Unit partner Const. Rob Enwright say there were white caps on Lake Simcoe due to the high winds.

“With the winds, the waves are fairly rough out here. Just make sure you have your life jackets on,” said Black. “These guys put their life jackets on when they fell in the water. They’re lucky they were able to do that. Normally, it’s very difficult and not something we recommend.”

The man was examined by paramedics at Monto-Reno Marina and is fine.

“It shows how quickly things can go wrong,” said Enwright. “Waves of two and up to three feet capsized this little fishing vessel. Our message is please put on your PFD if you’re heading out on the water.”

Police say, each year, people die needlessly in accidents on Ontario waterways. Most of those fatalities are preventable if smart choices are made before leaving shore. Put safety first – and that includes wearing life jackets and staying sober.

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