City fast-track building permit program getting results

The City of Barrie Fast Track is decreasing the time it takes for residents and business owners to receive their building permits. Nearly half of shed, pool fence, deck, plumbing and second-suite permit applications received since last September have qualified for the program.

“We’re continually refining our processes so residents can make home improvements more quickly and easily,” said Andrea Bourrie, planning and building services director. “The Fast Track program is getting permits in applicants’ hands faster than ever before, which means residents can build their deck or enclose their pool earlier to get the most out of it during the warmer months.”

More than 150 applications have been fast-tracked, cutting the processing times by 50 per cent or more: Sheds, pool fences, decks and plumbing went from two weeks to same day issuance; second-suite application times are down from three weeks to one; and, interior alterations for commercial buildings is down from four weeks to two.

The program was initially introduced in Sept. 2017 for second suites, decks, pools, plumbing, water and sanitary repairs along with some accessory buildings. In May, interior-alteration permits for commercial buildings was added to the program.

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