The popular Canadian band, Cancer Bats, lands in Barrie for a two-date doubleheader show at the Foxx Lounge. They are touring with the Flatliners, swapping the headline slot each night, in support of the Bats new album, the first under their own label.

“We’ve played Barrie before but not in a while,” said lead vocalist Liam Cormier. “It’s nice we’re getting the chance to come back. We really have a good connection with the cities we came up playing. For us, it’s going to be a party with all our friends.”

The band has garnered those friends for their heavy music, really good riffs and for being the “nicest dudes,” said one local fan who plans on attending the show.

Cancer Bats is touring in support of their sixth studio album, The Spark That Moves, which was released earlier this year via Bat Skull Records. Over the past 13 years, they’ve crisscrossed the globe, collected four Juno Award nominations and appeared in numerous publications.

The new album follows the bands critically successful album, Searching for Zero (2015), which landed Cancer Bats their fourth Juno Award nomination for metal/hard music album. Recorded in Winnipeg, the 11 tracks blend together the band’s melodic moments with their most aggressive, a mix of hardcore, punk, sludge and metal.

Band members include drummer Mike Peters, who recently moved to Winnipeg, lead bass player Jaye Schwarzer and guitarist Scott Middleton, all based out of Toronto. As a result, this album was also the first that was written via emails and phone calls. It features guest vocals from Chris Hannah of the legendary Winnipeg punk band, Propagandhi, on the album closer, Winterpeg.

Photo: Cancer Bats play two shows in Barrie at the Foxx Lounge Sept. 18-19. Asad Aman photo



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