Can I Kiss You? Four words that can be life-changing

Georgian College students at the Barrie campus got a refreshing talk on sex, intimacy, and consent from dating expert and author Mike Domitrz, founder of the Date Safe Project.


Domitrz blends humour and interactive participation to start conversations of asking first, bystander intervention and supporting sexual assault survivors. Can I Kiss You? is a straightforward thought provoking and sensitive event, which tackles sexual issues.


The overall purpose here is to help stop sexual violence through education and awareness.


Leanne Jackson, the manager of Conflict Resolution and Investigations of Georgian College, said the school has always been diligent and mindful in this regard, but the efforts of Mike Domitrz have helped bring more awareness and education to students on consent.


“Mike is a nationally renowned healthy dating expert that speaks at post-secondary institutions across North America,” Jackson said.


Furthermore, Jackson said students learn about the importance of consent through easy and common sense ways by applying “asking first” in their own lives and relationships.


“Mike also talks about how to intervene as a bystander to prevent sexual violence from occurring to someone else,” she said. “Finally, he gives students simple but powerful ways to support a person who may come forward to them, after having experienced sexual violence.”


This was the second time Domitrz has come to speak at Georgian College during the first week of school.


Last year over 700 students attended across all seven of Georgian College campuses, with over 400 attending in the Georgian Theatre on the Barrie campus and the rest viewing the presentation via live stream at their home campus.


“This year we do not have all of the numbers in as of yet, but it looks like we have achieved the same and possibly more in attendance than last year,” Jackson said.


Georgian College also has been creating additional awareness campaigns about consent, bystander intervention and sexual violence throughout the fall and winter semesters.

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