Summer marine patrols have begun on Lake Simcoe. South Simcoe Police officers will be onboard the John Wardrop II, as well as our personal water craft, checking boats and boaters for safety compliance.

Under the Canada Shipping Act, each vessel must have a personal floatation device (PFD) of appropriate size in good condition for every person on board. You must have a watertight flashlight (light signalling device), a whistle or an air horn (sound signalling device), a buoyant heaving line (floating throw rope), a bailing bucket, a paddle or an anchor and a fire extinguisher if you cannot discard your fuel source (i.e. a removable gas tank).

If you’re being a nuisance, or operating your vessel in a fashion that impacts others negatively or dangerously you could be charged with careless operation or unsafe operation under the Canada Shipping Act or Dangerous Operation under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Even if you don’t plan to be out at night, motor trouble could cause you to be out well into the night hours, even if you’re staying close to shore.

Quite often Marine Unit officers find people at night that didn’t plan to be out past dusk.

For more details, refer to the “Safe Boating Guide” produced by Transport Canada. This booklet will inform you of almost everything you need to maintain your safety on the water.

Be a responsible boater, so we can all enjoy the water!

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