Black Lives Matter and Olando Brown family hold press conference

Black Lives Matter activists held a press conference on July 11 at Barrie police station with the family of Olando Brown, who was killed by Barrie police on June 22. The 32-year old was tased multiple times by officers whose names have been hidden from the public. Black Lives Matter released a set of demands and held a silent demonstration for Olando.

 “Olando was tased multiple times,” said Ravyn Wngz, a Black Lives Matter organizer. “The Barrie police took him from his family, his 11-year-old daughter and his community. How much more can black people in the province endure? The police need to be held accountable.”

On behalf of the family, the organization is demanding: the immediate release of the names of the officers who killed Olando Brown; charges to be laid against those officers; a confirmation those police officers are off the streets; the immediate and public release of any video footage from the public space where Olando Brown was brutalized; a date, no longer than four weeks, confirming when the Special Investigations Unit will conclude an initial investigation; a condemnation of Barrie Police intimidation and harassment tactics against the Olando Brown family; the immediate implementation of the Policing Oversight Act; a commitment from the Province of Ontario for the true elimination and prohibition of carding (police checks) and anti-black racist policing; Olando Brown’s funeral expenses to be paid for by the City of Barrie; the disarmament of police services in Ontario; the fulfilment of any such demands from the Brown family in Barrie, including but not limited to a full account of what took place inside the police station; and counselling and support services (both formal and community-developed) for family and community members who witnessed and were impacted by the killing of Olando Brown.

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