Bikes prohibited on some downtown sidewalks

Bicycles and other vehicles are prohibited on sidewalks in the downtowns of Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham.

Under the New Tecumseth Bylaw 2002-106, a “vehicle” is defined as a bicycle, skateboard, rollerskates, rollerblades, scooter and any other vehicle propelled or driven by wind, gravity or muscular power for the conveyance of a person or persons, but does not include a wheelchair or other vehicle used for the carriage of a person with a physical defect or disability or baby carriage, or baby stroller or wagon or tricycle.

These “vehicles” are prohibited on the following sidewalks:

  • On Victoria Street, Alliston between Centre Street and Elizabeth Street;
  • On Church Street, Alliston between Dominion Street and Wellington Street;
  • On Paris Street, Alliston between Victoria Street and Wellington Street;
  • On Mill Street, Alliston between North parking lot and Victoria Street;
  • On Main Street, Beeton between Tecumseth Street and Centre Street;
  • On Queen Street, Tottenham between Eastern Avenue and Richmond Street.

Violations to the bylaw can result in a fine.

The Town of New Tecumseth appreciates your attention and help to keep sidewalks safe for everyone. For more information, please call the Municipal Law Enforcement Department at 705-435-3900.

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