Beside Myself in Collingwood

Go ahead and reset your life, your marriage. What if it’s possible?  Can love lost be found? What would you do?

Playwright Norm Foster and composer Steve Thomas ask the question and set the scene in a  comedic musical called Beside Myself.

Paula and Sam have finally decided to pack it in as a couple. As they divvy up their household goods, they wonder what would have happened if they’d never met.

Would their dreams and young ambitions have come true? The discovery of a long-forgotten wedding gift sets off a chain of events that transports them back to their college days and the opportunity to rewrite their history together.

The musical has its world premiere this summer. It reunites Foster and Thomas, the same audience favourites who created Jasper Station, Race Day and Sitting Pretty. Thomas also serves as music director.

Beside Myself unfolds at the Georgian Bay Hotel, 10 Vacation Inn Dr, Collingwood, August 20- 24. For tickets contact the Theatre Collingwood box office at 705-445-2200.


Photo: Norm Foster


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