Barrie wins silver rating in the 2016 Communities in Bloom

Barrie is pleased to receive a five-bloom silver rating, the highest honour to achieve.

Barrie also received a special mention for the Fruit Share Program. Barrie also received an Outstanding Achievement Award for the CN Urban Forestry Award.

The city competed in the Grand Champions Category, a competition between past winners who have won in the Population International Challenge and Class of Champions category; the event took place on July 26 and 27 2016.

Barrie competed against the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton, Manitoba.

“We are all here at the municipality honoured to be bestowed such a magnificent rating in the Communities in Bloom event,” said Mayor Jeff Lehman.

International CIB judges evaluated the city on floral displays, landscaped areas, urban forestry, tidiness, community involvement, heritage conservation, turf maintenance and environmental awareness projects, and any efforts towards protecting and conserving the environment.

Residents with gardens of all sizes were encouraged to register to participate in the competition.

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