The average residential sale price in Barrie is expected to increase by five per cent in 2018 according to one of the country’s largest real estate companies. RE/MAX predicts the brisk housing market that Barrie experienced in 2017 will continue as buyers look for value in areas close to the Greater Toronto Area.

The average price for a home is expected to reach almost $528,000 in 2018, which will be an increase of more than $100,000 from average levels reached in 2016.

The report also indicates the condo market for Barrie will be strong as new developments reach their completion in the new year. Looking forward, the inventory of homes in Barrie is expected to leap dramatically as thousands of acres of land annexed south of the city are developed.

Across the country RE/MAX predicts a general price increase of 2.5 per cent for residential homes in 2018.


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